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March employee of the month

Staff member of the month: This month we had two staff members that both received the same number of votes. As it is currently a difficult time for staff we have decided to allow both staff to receive employee of the month for March to lift morale.

June Hauxwell and Christine Tait were nominated for the month of March. June and Christine are both valued, long serving members of the team. Some lovely comments were made on the voting slips about these staff:

June: “Caring and very helpful towards staff and family members” Christine: “Christine is hardworking. She helps out when needed. She is caring towards staff and residents. She is a good team member.” Thank you for your kind words. You can now nominate a staff member for the month for April. Please nominate those you feel have “gone the extra mile”. Nominations are open to staff, visitors and professionals. Please vote by the last day of the month for your vote to be counted.


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