Residents Personal Accommodation


Belmont View has 50 residents rooms, each of which are larger than usual at

up to 26 square metres in size. Each room has luxurious en-suite with personal

level access shower


Personal possessions and furniture and actively encouraged and welcomed;

however furniture is provided if preferred, prepared with a bed, lockable

bedside cabinet, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dining table, dining chair and

arm chair. 


All rooms have large windows allowing natural light and provide magnificent

views depending on orientation of the Cleveland Hills, Guisborough Cricket Club and pitch, Guisborough town centre and the surrounding area. All rooms have TV points and Wi Fi Internet and personal telephone number available on request.



Residents also have an area suitable for dining in their own room to have meals in private if preferred. 


Room Personalisation

Before a resident arrives at the home the bedroom will have been fully decorated and prepared by the housekeeping department and an assessment  of the room carried out to ensure the room is suitable for the residents needs.

Our on site maintenance team are happy to help with furniture moving in, installing pictures or

other requests.

Each ensuite includes a walk in shower wet room, with automatic light allowing individual

personalised care.

Bedrooms are single, but if couples wish to share this can be accommodated by using two

rooms; one for a bedroom and one for a personal lounge.