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Funding your Care

The council states if you have under £23,250 in savings you may be eligible for support with funding from your local council and should contact them for an assessment of your needs and finances. The council will assess your needs and provide services to meet those needs. This means that there may be some support you have in mind that the council may not provide and therefore, you may need to self-fund.

If you have over £23,250 in savings, you will self fund your support and could contact us directly. However, if you are unsure you can contact Belmont View or your local council for further advice.

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Whether you would be self-funding or supported by the council, it is worth having a benefits check to see if your financial income can be increased. You can do this by contacting your local council.

Redcar and Cleveland Council Telephone number: 01642 771500

Continuing Healthcare

An assessment can be completed to see if the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) / NHS can support with funding your care. The CCG can either fully or partly fund care as well as offering no funding. 

To see if you are eligible for any funding from health, you need po speak to your local council and request an assessment of need from social services OR you need to speak to a health professional such as your GP or any nursing support you have.


These professionals will support you in establishing if any funding from health is available. 

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