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How to join our team

At Belmont View, we offer exceptional levels of personal

care where everyone is special.


What set’s us apart from other care providers is our

dedicated and friendly staff who ensure we offer a home

from home environment centred around individual resident’s


We pride ourselves in setting a new standard of care

delivered with patience, empathy and compassion and we

have a team of friendly, dedicated staff who ensure each

day, every day we meet our resident’s needs.

We are always looking for people who share our values in our Care and Housekeeping departments.  If you would like to provide us with a copy of your CV, please contact us and we would be delighted to consider you for any open positions.

What our staff said about us from our latest CQC inspection

staff outside reception

Another member of staff said, "The registered manager is great, as are the owners.  You can go to them about anything, no problem.  They're always there for you.  You can go to any of them and they are always considerate.  I have high regards for them, as they have for us.  They're always thanking us"

Staff spoke very positively about the culture and values of the service.  A member of staff said, "I would recommend it to anyone.  All the staff get on, and get on well with the management.  Its's a nice place.  Everyone gets on well."

The majority of staff at the service had worked there since it opened 10 years ago, which they told us was down to the positive and caring approach of the registered provider and registered manager

Staff said they felt very supported by the registered provider and registered manager, who were visible presences around the service.  

One member of staff told us, "The registered manager is always supporting staff and is happy to solve any problems you have.  I would be happy to go and speak with her about anything"

"Training here is great."  One person we spoke to told us they thought staff had all the training they needed to support people effectively.

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