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Sometimes you or one of your loved ones may need a break because a carer is going away or will be unavailable support. Someone a carer themselves need a break from the care that they provide. In these instances, respite or short stays can be accessed.

Spare Seat on a Sunday

As part of our commitment to tackling loneliness, we provide a free Sunday Lunch at Belmont View for any elderly person who may be lonely and may benefit from coming to join us for Sunday Lunch and a chat.  Please contact us if you know someone this could be useful for.

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Day Care


Day care is a service for people still living in their own homes.  Day services are for those are struggling with their needs during the

day but are able to manage on an evening and overnight or have someone to support them at these times. Day Services can also be accessed to give an informal carer (family or friend) a break from their caring role. 

Day care can allow people to socialise, stay active, get out of their on homes and get a change of scenery, whilst remaining as

independent as possible. 

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