Belmont View has two floors of up to 26 people, each unit having its own lounges, dining rooms and bathrooms. All rooms have en suite facilities including personal showers.

Each floor has a pleasant dining area where our trained Catering Manager and Assistant Cook provide a well balanced diet consisting of fresh, wholesome food. Our cooks can also cater for specialised diets on request.

Decoration and furniture are of a high standard, with safety in mind. All corridors are exceptionally wide to allow for two wheelchairs to pass easily.

Each room has a specialised call system allowing residents or visitors to call assistance.

Each floor has excellent bathroom facilities with choices of showers; baths, island baths and electronic baths, all designed for various levels of ability.

Breakdown of Rooms Available at Belmont View

Total Number of Bedrooms: 50

Lounges: 4

Dining rooms: 2

Disables Bathrooms: 2

Disables Toilets: 2

Showers: 50